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Winnipeg, Manitoba


Sept 25th, 2021


Zion Apostolic Church
305 Machray Avenue


Youth Worker Speakers

Randy Carter

Randy Carter loves working with students! He regularly can be heard saying, “Why would anyone choose to work with adults when they can work with students?” Randy has been involved in youth ministry since 1979, eleven years of which he served as a youth pastor with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Since July 1994 Randy has been an itinerant youth speaker and a youth ministry consultant with Straight Talk Ministries. Randy’s unique blend of humour and direct approach to truth allows him to captivate the listener and drive home truth in a relevant and meaningful way. Randy has spoken throughout Canada, as well as into the United States and even as far as Malaysia.

Session One: Is a Foundation Really that Important – The Foundation of Youth Ministry
My parents had a beautiful home built on a mountain side. After a few years they discovered some cracks in the drywall and concrete. Doors were no longer fitting quite right. Things continued to deteriorate until professionals told them the back of the house was gradually sliding down the mountain because the foundation had not been properly built. Careful attention to the foundation is the most important part of building something that will last. In this seminar we will look at what Jesus says the foundation of youth ministry is and explore practical ways we build a strong foundation for our youth ministries.

Session Two: The Bull’s Eye of Youth Ministry – The Goal of Youth Ministry
In archery the goal is to hit the bull’s eye.  Jesus was pretty clear on the bull’s eye for youth workers… to make disciples who make disciples. What exactly is a mature disciple and how do we know if we are making them. Nine years ago I was confronted with something that has forced me rethink my understanding of spiritual maturity. It has radically transformed both my life and my ministry. In this seminar, we will take an honest look at what it means to be spiritually mature and what we need to do personally, and as youth ministries, to produce mature student disciples.

Session Three: More than a Small Group Leader or Social Convener – The Role of the Youth Minister/Worker
Our title might be youth pastor, leader, worker, small group leader or adult volunteer. Whatever our title, we are involved in youth ministry because we love students. Your role may have come with a job description but have you ever wondered what the biblical role of a youth leader is?  We will explore the metaphor that Jesus, Paul and Peter all used to explain our leadership role working with students. As we understand and fulfill our role, we can love and lead our students better and help them become kingdom leaders too.

Equipping’s purpose is to train youth and children’s workers so that  they are equipped to minister effectively to this generation. Our heart is to impart, instruct, inspire and connect with you as a leader, so you can be your best!

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