Youth and Children’s Worker Seminars

January 19, 2019

People's Church

14455 104 Ave, Surrey, BC V3R 1M1, Canada

Cost: $45 each or $40 for 10 or more from the same church.

If the seminar is 24 hours or less away, registration cost is $50.

Speakers & Sessions

Jen Hubbard

Lifeteams Academics Co-ordinator & GVYU Training Facilitator, Aldergrove, BC

Photo of Jen Hubbard.

Jen Hubbard has been involved in youth ministry for 20 years--as a volunteer, as a youth pastor and in the community with Youth for Christ. For the past 10 years, Jen has been a part of Lifeteams: School of Youth Outreach, helping equip & train the next generation of youth missionaries. Jen loves slurpees, soccer, the beach and time with husband Andrew, and 3 boys. Jen lives in Cloverdale, BC.


Understanding Gen Z -the good, the bad and our hope

Each generation approaches our world in a unique way. Come learn what you need to know about Gen Z teens in order to pull out the best in them and love them well toward Jesus.

Caring Well For Vulnerable Youth

1 in 5 youth in Canada are vulnerable in some way, whether that be economic, social, relational, or physical vulnerability--and they're showing up in your youth ministry. How do we care well for teens who are vulnerable? What distinctives do we need to know? And how can we help them see the heart of God?

Today's Top Youth Issues: What you need to know

Anxiety, depression, self-harm, pornography--and the list goes on! Come and learn to recognize the symptoms, and how you can respond teens struggling with some of today's key issues.

Larry Moore- Calgary, AB

Executive Director of United Youth Outreach, Calgary, AB

Photo of Larry Moore- Calgary, AB.

Larry has been involved in youth ministry for over 35 years, and is presently the Executive Director of United Youth Outreach, the covering for Equipping. Larry’s heart is to see young people won to Christ, developed into powerful disciples and sent out as influencers for the Kingdom of Light. He believes that one of the best ways we can see this happen is to influence those who influence students — Youth Leaders. Larry is married to Sandra and they have 4 children: Adam, Greg, Luke and Daniel, as well as, two beautiful granddaughters, Winifred and Willow, and 1 furboy: Baxter The Wonderdog. He also continues to believe that one day the Toronto Maple Leafs will win the Stanley Cup (A man of faith indeed)!


Are We Making a Difference?

At his trial, Socrates is credited with the statement, "An unexamined life is not worth living." Though this may have meant something different for him, Christian leaders owe it to their Father to actively examine their lives and ministries to see if they are bearing fruit. But what are the guideposts for this and how do we really know? Larry will examine a number of points that a we can use to examine our ministry well, in light of scripture. This is crucial for youth ministry if we value having biblical outcomes.

Rick Wengel- High River, AB

Program Coordinator - Equipping, Calgary, AB

Photo of Rick Wengel- High River, AB.

Rick is presently serving in Equipping, a Youth and Children’s Worker training seminar based out of United Youth Outreach. He has served in youth ministry for over 30 years and has a passion for students to experience a living relationship with Christ that will change their life and their world. Rick is married with 3 married children and has 6 grandkids. His favourite sport is hockey, which makes him truly Canadian.


Tyler Young

Youth Pastor - Sonrise Full Gospel, Surrey, BC

Photo of Tyler Young.

“Tyler is the Worship and Youth Pastor at Sonrise Church in Surrey BC. He has had the opportunity to lead students in youth group, conference, and camp settings. His passion is to see students discover and pursuit their unique God given calling. Tyler and his wife Katrina have called Surrey home since 2013 and they are excited to see what God is going to do through them in the next phase of life and ministry.”


Shifting Paradigms in Youth Ministry

Culture is changing. The question is "what does that mean for Us" Together, we will discuss what shifting the mission of our ministry could mean for reaching the next generation.

Caroline Durocher-Bergeron

Children's Ministry Consultant - Langley, BC

Photo of Caroline Durocher-Bergeron.

Caroline has inspired, trained and coached thousands of leaders and parents across Canada and beyond for over twenty years. She has a BTH, MA in Leadership and is a certified Life Coach. She served as the provincial Children, Preteen, and Family Ministry Director for the PAOC for ten years. During that time, she founded and directed Elevate, a children and family ministry leadership conference in Vancouver and led Spark, a provincial preteen conference for ten years. She serves as a Children Ministry consultant and provides individual and group coaching to leaders across our nation. She has been married to Pascal for two decades, and has three energetic children: Samira (15), Elliott (12) and Emmanuel (10).


Soul Care in the Real World

Are you sick and tired of being exhausted? Are you ready to become a more passionate, resilient and peaceful version of yourself? The best gift you can give your family and those you serve is your best self. In this workshop, you will learn ways to embrace the Sabbath rest you have been longing for and identify the practices that reduce stress, energize you and propel you forward.

Volunteer Revolution

The lack of volunteers is one of the most discouraging reality in children’s ministry. What if God positioned around you all the people you need to lead a thriving ministry? Learn how to recruit, retain, motivate and appreciate volunteers in your present context. Get inspire and equip to build your dream team.

Creative Communication

In this workshop, you will learn dynamic ways to communicate the Gospel. Turn off the DVD and teach in a way this generation will remember. You will leave inspired and equipped to make a greater impact.

Melonie Boser

Children's Pastor - Lynn Valley, North Vancouver, BC

Photo of Melonie Boser.

Mel was born and grew up in Starbuck, Manitoba. After high school she went to Sanford Collegiate, SIAST out of Saskatoon and studied to be a accounting clerk. She then went to Full Gospel Bible Institute in 1996 and got a Theology Degree Minoring in Counselling. Mel then moved to Vancouver and became Children’s Pastor of Lynn Valley Church in 2000.


Mentoring to Make a Difference

With so much influence over our kid’s lives we need to teach and model a life open to mentorship, how do we do that?

Rachel Saldanha

Children's Ministry Director - Peoples Church, Surrey, BC

Photo of Rachel Saldanha.

Rachel has a heart for families and children. She seeks to provide programs at the Peoples Church that lead children to Christ. Her and her husband Prem are proud parents of 4.


Intentional Teaching: The Why, How, and Who You Can Most Effectively Reach

Intentional teaching means using every aspect of the time you have to make the most meaningful impact. It means encouraging the whole family, not just the kids, to pursue a life-giving relationship with Jesus.