Youth and Children’s Worker Seminars

February 9, 2019

Regina Apostolic Church

808 Assiniboine Ave E, Regina, SK

Cost: $45 each or $40 for 10 or more from the same church.

If the seminar is 24 hours or less away, registration cost is $50.

Speakers & Sessions

Andy Moffat

Pastor of Student and Small Group Ministries, First Baptist, Olds, AB

Photo of Andy Moffat.

Andy gained his ministry education formally through The Baptist Leadership Training School, North American Baptist College, and Edmonton Baptist Seminary, and informally through growing up as a pastor's kid. He loves summer camp, believes the Bible is the place to start, would be no where without his volunteer leaders, and would be less than nowhere without his wife Jennie and four kids, Jake, Sam, Ben and Anna. He enjoys a good laugh, a good movie, and a good book - fiction or non fiction. He cheers for the Flames and Stampeders, but holds soccer as his first sport above all other sports. He has served in Youth Ministry at churches in Lacombe, Edmonton, and is currently on staff at First Baptist Olds, in Alberta. All told he has 26 years in Youth Ministry. He's happy to say he's finally starting to figure some things out.


Know That For Which You Contend

In these uncertain times it feels like the rug has been pulled out from under us. It seems as though nothing is what it once was, and we're all adrift trying to grab hold of something to steady us, something to anchor us. This session will seek to reinvigorate within us a love for the best anchor we could hope to have.

Know That For Which You Strive

Uncertainty can breed doubt in the future, and doubt in the future can breed chaos in the present. But as Christians, our faith provides us the tools to keep our doubts at bay. This session will discuss one of the foundational visions that Christianity has to offer, a vision that keeps our eyes focused on moving forward just as it secures us in our current circumstance.

Clear the Deck and Get Going!

It's one the thing to have your head on straight, but how does that translate to everyday living? In human terms, part of a good anchor is one that sees itself acting it self out in the world around us. This session will seek to give some practical tools for living your faith in your day to day life, for your own sake, and for the sake for those around you.

Jori Stockdale - Regina, SK

Associate Pastor of Next Generation, Regina, SK

Photo of Jori Stockdale - Regina, SK.

Jori Stockade has been working with youth, on staff at the Regina Apostolic Church, for over ten years, and has transitioned into serving as the Next Gen. Pastor, overseeing ministries to families and students ages O to 18. In the last year, she received her Masters in Children's, Youth and Family Ministry from Indiana Wesleyan University. Jori loves seeing the next generation be passionate followers of Jesus, enjoying time with her family, and laughing with friends!


Be Intentional - The "little" things do make a big difference

Being intentional about how we do ministry and not ignoring the "little" things can have a great impact, from taking an event from good to great, or from a student coming back for a second week or even a youth believing you really do care. Whether it is running a youth night, preparing a message, teaching a class or building relationships with students, the" little things" can, and do matter, far more than we realize. This session will not only identify some of those "little things that matter" but it will provide you with a framework on how you can look at your ministry and identify for yourselves what are the "little things" that you may need to improve on.

Larry Moore- Calgary, AB

Executive Director of United Youth Outreach, Calgary, AB

Photo of Larry Moore- Calgary, AB.

Larry has been involved in youth ministry for over 35 years, and is presently the Executive Director of United Youth Outreach, the covering for Equipping. Larry’s heart is to see young people won to Christ, developed into powerful disciples and sent out as influencers for the Kingdom of Light. He believes that one of the best ways we can see this happen is to influence those who influence students — Youth Leaders. Larry is married to Sandra and they have 4 children: Adam, Greg, Luke and Daniel, as well as, two beautiful granddaughters, Winifred and Willow, and 1 furboy: Baxter The Wonderdog. He also continues to believe that one day the Toronto Maple Leafs will win the Stanley Cup (A man of faith indeed)!


Are We Making a Difference?

At his trial, Socrates is credited with the statement, "An unexamined life is not worth living." Though this may have meant something different for him, Christian leaders owe it to their Father to actively examine their lives and ministries to see if they are bearing fruit. But what are the guideposts for this and how do we really know? Larry will examine a number of points that a we can use to examine our ministry well, in light of scripture. This is crucial for youth ministry if we value having biblical outcomes.

Rick Wengel- High River, AB

Program Coordinator - Equipping, Calgary, AB

Photo of Rick Wengel- High River, AB.

Rick is presently serving in Equipping, a Youth and Children’s Worker training seminar based out of United Youth Outreach. He has served in youth ministry for over 30 years and has a passion for students to experience a living relationship with Christ that will change their life and their world. Rick is married with 3 married children and has 6 grandkids. His favourite sport is hockey, which makes him truly Canadian.


Leann Woelk- Spruce Grove, AB

Children's Ministry Director Alberta and NWT District Office of the PAOC

Photo of Leann Woelk- Spruce Grove, AB.

As a wife, mother and leader in the ministry of children, Leann has been serving in small churches with enthusiasm for over 26 years. Leann is passionate about walking along side leaders who desire to teach children about the fullness of His salvation and hearing from God for themselves. Through whimsical creativity and thrifty practicality, leaders will take home ideas they can implement the next day in their ministries. She, and her husband Kevin, have been married 30 years and have two amazing sons and a beautiful daughter in law. Leann is the director of Handle with Care Ministries and also serves as the Children’s Ministry Specialist at the ABNWT District Resource Center for the PAOC.


Leader, Leader, How Does Your Garden Grow?

Regina Session Only

Growing a garden takes planning, patience and participation. From planting to harvest, it takes a community of gardeners with the same passion to see the garden thrive. The Bible talks a lot about growing and thriving to produce a harvest, and your Children’s Ministry in the local church is a perfect environment for little seedlings to flourish. Let’s share some “gardening” tips and see our "gardens" grow.

The CM Circle of Life

Regina Session Only

Children’s Ministry can have you running in circles with schedules, volunteers and policies! Sunday mornings can look like a congested traffic circle. But with a few principles put in place to avoid collisions and causalities, we can get things moving for your CM Team to get to your destination.

Soul Care Labels

Regina Session Only

Have you ever felt like throwing in the towel in KidMin? Before you feel wrung out and hung up to dry, let’s sort out the agitations that make us feel all washed up! It is time to exam our garments, be washed clean and lighten our load.

Carolyn Ward - Regina, SK

Elementary Director at Regina Apostolic Church

Photo of Carolyn Ward - Regina, SK.

Carolyn Ward is the Elementary Director at Regina Apostolic Church. She has a BA in Christian Leadership from Briercrest, a Diploma in Ministry from Carey Theological Seminary, and has served in camp and church ministries pretty much her whole life. She, and her husband, have a daughter in University and a son in a grade one.


Classroom Management

You have planned a great lesson and have all the details nailed, but then the kids show up and bring the chaos! We are going to look at how to set up your environment and procedures to help kids succeed, and how to manage behaviour issues when they do occur.

Crystelle Tonn - Regina, SK

Children's Ministry Coordinator - Faith Baptist, Regina, SK

Photo of Crystelle Tonn - Regina, SK.

Crystelle Tonn started as Children’s Ministry Coordinator in 2009 after several years of being a star volunteer! She is married and the mother of two teenage girls. She has a passion for seeing children learn about Jesus’ love and preparing them to be great disciples.


Teaching as Jesus Taught

In this workshop we will look at the methods that Jesus used to teach and how to use common objects to reinforce a lesson. We will also take some time to practice developing object lessons using some of those common objects.