Youth and Children’s Worker Seminars

March 22, 2019

Eston College

730 1 St E, Eston, SK

The price of this seminar is included in the cost of Eston College’s Encounter conference. If you aren't attending Encounter, you can still come to the session for $35. There will be resources available as well as a panel for questions and answers and a time for networking.

Speakers & Sessions

Larry Moore- Calgary, AB

Executive Director of United Youth Outreach, Calgary, AB

Photo of Larry Moore- Calgary, AB.

Larry has been involved in youth ministry for over 35 years, and is presently the Executive Director of United Youth Outreach, the covering for Equipping. Larry’s heart is to see young people won to Christ, developed into powerful disciples and sent out as influencers for the Kingdom of Light. He believes that one of the best ways we can see this happen is to influence those who influence students — Youth Leaders. Larry is married to Sandra and they have 4 children: Adam, Greg, Luke and Daniel, as well as, two beautiful granddaughters, Winifred and Willow, and 1 furboy: Baxter The Wonderdog. He also continues to believe that one day the Toronto Maple Leafs will win the Stanley Cup (A man of faith indeed)!


Are We Making a Difference?

At his trial, Socrates is credited with the statement, "An unexamined life is not worth living." Though this may have meant something different for him, Christian leaders owe it to their Father to actively examine their lives and ministries to see if they are bearing fruit. But what are the guideposts for this and how do we really know? Larry will examine a number of points that a we can use to examine our ministry well, in light of scripture. This is crucial for youth ministry if we value having biblical outcomes.

Josh Chalmers- Eston, SK

Faculty – Eston College, Eston, SK – Biblical Studies

Photo of Josh Chalmers- Eston, SK.

Josh is a teacher at Eston College. One of his favorite verses is Jude 1:22, which says: "Be merciful to those who doubt." Faith isn't always easy in our post-Christian world, which is why Josh loves encouraging the ministry of apologetics. Come to Josh's session and be equipped to make your Bible teaching more helpful to the doubters in your youth ministry.


Working Hard to Become Gifted Communicators

Many people believe you are either a gifted communicator or you are not. Fortunately, communication is not just a gift, but a skill we can improve with knowledge and hard work. In this session, Josh will introduce resources and easy-to-remember tools to help you become a more effective ambassador of Jesus.

Sean Stevenson Douglas

Youth Cultural Specialist

Photo of Sean Stevenson Douglas.


Teenage Priests: Creating Jesus Reps in a Culture of Chaos

Our culture is changing more rapidly than at any other time in living memory, but Christ stands as our Anchor of Hope. This class will be a discussion of some contemporary challenges and opportunities framed in the light of the eternal relevance of the Way of Jesus.

Rick Wengel- High River, AB

Program Coordinator - Equipping, Calgary, AB

Photo of Rick Wengel- High River, AB.

Rick is presently serving in Equipping, a Youth and Children’s Worker training seminar based out of United Youth Outreach. He has served in youth ministry for over 30 years and has a passion for students to experience a living relationship with Christ that will change their life and their world. Rick is married with 3 married children and has 6 grandkids. His favourite sport is hockey, which makes him truly Canadian.


Character & Integrity

You need more than Charisma to succeed in ministry. In this session, Rick will show you how character & integrity will give you the promotions you need.

Chris Drinnan

Associate/Student Minister Pasator

Photo of Chris Drinnan.


Discipleship making via TEAM: Where the Great Commission and popular modem business practices meet.

This session hopes to invite conversation around the importance for pastors, ministers, and leaders to work in close knit teams, and how this practice can be a way forward in making disciples who make disciples.