Youth and Children’s Worker Seminars

March 10, 2018

Oasis Church

3540 Auchinachie Rd, Duncan, BC

Cost: $45 each or $40 for 10 or more from the same church.

If the seminar is 24 hours or less away, registration cost is $50.

Speakers & Sessions

Brandie Bradshaw - Abbotsford, BC

Leader & Owner of Advocate Youth Services, Abbotsford, BC

Photo of Brandie Bradshaw - Abbotsford, BC.

Brandie holds a BA in Youth Work and has worked in the youth work field for 18 years. She facilitated life skills groups with teen moms; worked with drug & alcohol addicted teens in a residential treatment environment; lead a church high school youth group of 100+ teens for 10 years; and has educated and trained thousands of vocational and volunteer youth workers across Canada. Brandie has always described her passion for working with youth as "they are simply my people group!" Brandie lives & works in Abbotsford, B.C. where she owns her own private youth work company Advocate Youth Services.


Screenagers - Reaching Generation Z

They are the newest generation known as GenZ, the iGeneration, the distracted generation and “Screenagers”. In this session, we’ll go over the bullet points on what makes this generation tick and then dive into how we can best reach them with the truth of Jesus!

Understanding Mental Health

Anxiety is on the rise, almost an epidemic amongst young people. "Depressed" and "stressed" are everyday words coming out of our teenagers mouths. Suicide is the second most common cause of death for teenagers in Canada. Feeling overwhelmed by one or all of these statements? You’ll leave this session better understanding mental health in young people and equipped with practical tools to help your youth!

ARGH! - Walking Difficult Youth Towards Jesus

When outbursts, attitude and other obvious struggles are present in youth, those behaviours can dominate your focus with the youth or take over your youth group! The relationship we build with them seems more like we are a behaviour manager or problem solver than a youth missionary. In this session we'll explore some practical tools to both recognize where the youth are at AND guide them towards the beautiful saving grace of Jesus Christ! We can do both and we can do both well!

Ivan Schulz- Duncan, BC

Student & Community Outreach Pastor at Oasis Church, Duncan, BC

Photo of Ivan Schulz- Duncan, BC.

Ivan Schulz is the Student and Community Outreach Pastor at the Oasis Church in Duncan BC.  Over the years its been a journey, he's served in Ontario. Alberta and Overseas but felt the Lord speak to him and moved back to Duncan in 2012.   He grew up in the Cowichan Valley and was raised on Cowichan Tribes lands. Ivan has a passion for young people and to see them come into a relationship with Jesus, to grow in their faith and potential and in turn reach those around them.


What is in your hand?

Youth workers will often be envious of the resources that other churches have for their youth, but what about maximizing what we have? It’s time to refocus our ministry to see what our churches, our team, and our budgets have, so we can creatively reach our community.

Kristin Leclair- Duncan, BC

Kids Club (K - 3) Leader, Oasis Church, Duncan, BC

Photo of Kristin Leclair- Duncan, BC.

Kristin Leclair started out attending Kids Club as a child and attended the Oasis Student Ministry programs until graduation She has been Serving , Co-Leading and Leading the ministry that saved her life for over 8 plus years. Her desire is to see Children impacted with the message of the gospel, to grow into mature Christians, and has a strong desire to reach the families and community they come from.


How Children's Ministry Changed My Lilfe

I am involved in children’s ministry today because of the effect it had on my life as a child. Your ministry can have this kind of vibrant, long lasting effect on your students when you see your people as leaders in the making.

Matthew DelBlanc- Campbell River, BC

Lead Pastor of Gateway Foursquare Church, Campbell River, BC

Photo of Matthew DelBlanc- Campbell River, BC.

Matt is passionate about the potential of the local church and the role that effective children's ministry plays in that. He has served in children's ministry for over 10 years and currently serves as the lead pastor of Gateway Foursquare Church.


Why Am I Here?

In the midst of doing ministry we can sometime miss the big picture of why we do children's ministry in the first place. From a biblical foundation we will make the case for vibrant and effective ministry to children in the local church.

Am I developing Attenders or Disciples?

How do we keep our efforts focused on Jesus' command to make disciples? From the perspective of parents, pastors and kids, ministry workers will explore how we can work together to fulfill the Great Commission.

Galicia Coulter- Campbell River, BC

Children's Pastor of Gateway Foursquare Church, Campbell River, BC

Photo of Galicia Coulter- Campbell River, BC.

Pastor Galicia serves as the Children’s Pastor at Gateway Foursquare Church in Campbell River. She was born in Mexico and came to Canada with her family in 2005. She has served in Children’s Ministry in diverse cultural settings and currently works in the special education department in Campbell River’s local Christian School.


Can I Keep Going?

Am I making a difference? Does anyone even notice my sacrifice? Find encouragement and strength to defeat discouragement and faithfully serve in every season.

What do I do with this?

With limited times and often limited budgets how can you maximize your curriculum? Discover strategies for using curriculum effectively with different ages and group sizes.

Am I developing Attenders or Disciples?

How do we keep our efforts focused on Jesus' command to make disciples? From the perspective of parents, pastors and kids, ministry workers will explore how we can work together to fulfill the Great Commission.

Larry Moore- Calgary, AB

Executive Director of United Youth Outreach, Calgary, AB

Photo of Larry Moore- Calgary, AB.

Larry has been involved in youth ministry for over 35 years, and is presently the Executive Director of United Youth Outreach, the covering for Equipping. Larry’s heart is to see young people won to Christ, developed into powerful disciples and sent out as influencers for the Kingdom of Light. He believes that one of the best ways we can see this happen is to influence those who influence students — youth leaders. Larry is married to Sandra, they have 4 children: Adam, Greg, Luke, Daniel, two beautiful granddaughters, Winifred and Willow and 1 furboy: Baxter The Wonderdog. He also continues to believe that one day the Toronto Maple Leafs will win the Stanley Cup (A man of faith indeed).


Maximizing Our Work

Every day gives everyone 24 hours in which to accomplish their goals, so the next obvious question is how do we use that time effectively? Whether you’re paid or volunteer, you can advance your youth ministry in a massive way if you simply focus on 1 thing: doing Deep Work. In this session, we’ll apply the principles from Cal Newports groundbreaking book, "To be the best steward of time in our calling".