Youth and Children’s Worker Seminars

April 14, 2018

Falconridge Family Church

155 Falconridge Crescent NE, Calgary, AB

Cost: $45 each or $40 for 10 or more from the same church.

If the seminar is 24 hours or less away, registration cost is $50.

Speakers & Sessions

Randy Carter - Calgary, AB

Itinerant Youth Speaker & Youth Ministry Consultant

Photo of Randy Carter - Calgary, AB.

Randy Carter loves working with students! He regularly can be heard to say, ”Why would anyone choose to work with adults when they can work with students?" Randy has been involved in youth ministry since 1979, eleven years of which he served as a youth pastor with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Since July 1994, Randy has been an itinerant youth speaker and a youth ministry consultant with Straight Talk Ministries. Randy’s unique blend of humour and direct approach to truth, allows him to captivate the listener and drive home truth in a relevant and meaningful way. Randy has spoken throughout Canada, as well as into the United States and even as far as Malaysia.


The Purpose of Youth Ministry

I don’t know anyone who is in youth ministry who does not love students, but is that enough? In this session we will discuss the purpose of youth ministry by exploring Jesus purpose, plan and product for his followers when he was here 2000 years ago. Zeroing in on what God is calling us to and applying what we see to our youth ministries can make us much more effective.

Building and Being Leaders

Paul told Timothy that anyone who aspires to be a leader desires an honorable position. He then went on to describe what to look for in a leader. But have you ever wondered what the role / job description of a leader is? We will examine the biblical role of a leader and discuss how we can improve our own leadership and do the critical work of reproducing leaders for the kingdom.

Larry Moore- Calgary, AB

Executive Director of United Youth Outreach, Calgary, AB

Photo of Larry Moore- Calgary, AB.

Larry has been involved in youth ministry for over 35 years, and is presently the Executive Director of United Youth Outreach, the covering for Equipping. Larry’s heart is to see young people won to Christ, developed into powerful disciples and sent out as influencers for the Kingdom of Light. He believes that one of the best ways we can see this happen is to influence those who influence students — youth leaders. Larry is married to Sandra, they have 4 children: Adam, Greg, Luke, Daniel, two beautiful granddaughters, Winifred and Willow and 1 furboy: Baxter The Wonderdog. He also continues to believe that one day the Toronto Maple Leafs will win the Stanley Cup (A man of faith indeed).


Maximizing Our Work

Every day gives everyone 24 hours in which to accomplish their goals, so the next obvious question is how do we use that time effectively? Whether you’re paid or volunteer, you can advance your youth ministry in a massive way if you simply focus on 1 thing: doing Deep Work. In this session, we’ll apply the principles from Cal Newports groundbreaking book, "To be the best steward of time in our calling".

Hunter & Mandi Gillis, Calgary, AB

Youth Pastor at Transit Student Ministry, Calgary, AB

Photo of Hunter & Mandi Gillis, Calgary, AB.

Hunter and Mandi Gillis serve together as the Youth Pastors at Transit Student Ministry out of BP Church in North Central Calgary. Mandi is the worship leader and ministry lead, and is passionate about seeing students experience all that God has for them. Her focus in the ministry is worship and community engagement. Hunter is the primary speaker at Transit and his heart is to see students really understand and own their faith and move forward in their relationship with Jesus. They both share a passion for relevant teaching, effective discipleship and teamwork.


Who is Generation Z?

In this session we want to introduce and/or help leaders further understand the generation we are currently ministering to. Barna and other sources have come out with some interesting studies that greatly impact the way that we minister to students, so we’ll be diving into that!

Ministering in Your Context

This is an important ministry lesson that Hunter and I have been learning over the past few years. We’ll be talking about the value in learning from other ministries and what they are doing that is working well. But equally important is to truly understand your context and how to best create a ministry that serves it well.

Desi Angermeier - High River, AB

Children's Pastor of Full Gospel Church, High River, AB

Photo of Desi Angermeier - High River, AB.

Desi, and his wife, Cathy have been serving together in children’s ministry for 18 amazing years. They are the Children’s Pastors at The Full Gospel Church in High River, AB, and they have two amazing boys who love to help them in ministry. Desi’s passion is to train up spirit filled leaders who will impact the world for Jesus.


"Using Big Events for Reaching Community Kids"

Have you ever had the desire to do a special event for your kids ministry and reach your community at the same time? In our session, we will share ideas on hosting outreach events that will attract new kids! From advertising to volunteers, holiday themes, indoor or outdoor events, this session will help you make a difference in your church and your city!

Leann Woelk- Spruce Grove, AB

Children's Ministry Director Alberta and NWT District Office of the PAOC

Photo of Leann Woelk- Spruce Grove, AB.

Leann Woelk serves as the Children's Ministries Specialist for the PAOC ABNWT District. Prior to taking on that role, she spent 16 years in Yellowknife before moving back home to Alberta ten years ago. She has served in the local church in Children's Leadership for over 25 years. Leann is passionate about walking along side leaders who desire to teach children about the fullness of their salvation and hearing the voice of God. Leann, and her husband Kevin, have been married for 29 years and live in Spruce Grove, Alberta. They have 2 sons and a daughter in law.


Soul Care Labels

Have you ever felt like throwing in the towel in KidMin? Before you feel wrung out and hung up to dry, let’s sort out the agitations that make us feel all washed up! It is time to exam our garments, be washed clean and lighten our load.

The Circle of CM Life

Children’s Ministry can have you running in circles with schedules, volunteers and policies! Sunday mornings can look like a congested traffic circle. But with a few principles put in place to avoid collisions and causalities, we can get things moving for your CM Team to get to your destination.

Leader, Leader, How Does Your Garden Grow?

Growing a garden takes planning, patience and participation. From planting to harvest, it takes a community of gardeners with the same passion to see the garden thrive. The bible talks a lot about growing and thriving to produce a harvest and your Children’s Ministry in the local church is a perfect environment for little seedlings to flourish. Let’s share some “gardening” tips and see our "gardens" grow.