Equipping Essentials Online Course


What is Equipping Essentials Online?

Equipping Essentials is an online training course on the essentials of Youth and Children’s Ministries. This online training can be a valuable tool for Lead Pastors to equip their leaders in the essentials and then supplement it with their own church in-house training. Equipping Essentials will eventually have three levels of training to help advanced leaders continue to learn and grow in leadership as well. 

Equipping has structured the online course curriculum in the following way:

  • There are 3 levels of classes, each building on the previous levels.
  • Each of these 3 levels consist of 10 classes.
  • Each of the 30 classes will be offered both in person and online with a certificate presented with each level completed.

What is Equipping Essentials Online?

It seems that with every new day, the world speeds up and moves faster than the previous day. At the same time, Jesus has called us to invest our lives in this same world, and continue to steward our time. Online training is one of the best tools available to get the training and support we need in almost any area of work we’re called to do.

Consider this:

  • You can complete your entire training curriculum in the comfort of your own home
  • It can be based on your schedule
  • In a timeframe that works for you
  • In many cases, it’s at a cheaper price than in-person training
  • Along with these efficiencies, you also have the ability to refer back to and review the training you have taken previously

Level 1

Essentials in ministry for volunteers stepping into leadership roles.

Level 2

Essentials for taking the lead role within the ministry.

Level 3

More essentials for raising up the next generation of youth and children’s workers.

Course Cost:

Individual/Church Rate


per church

Equipping’s purpose is to train youth and children’s workers so that  they are equipped to minister effectively to this generation. Our heart is to impart, instruct, inspire and connect with you as a leader, so you can be your best!