Youth and Children’s Worker Seminars


Youth and children’s ministry are extremely valuable parts of any churches outreach. Equipping believes that when we invest in the lives of students, we ensure a strong church for both today and tomorrow. We exist to help you invest in the lives of these valuable people in your community.

An Equipping Seminar consists of a day of relevant training, inspiration, and encouragement for the hard working leaders who give themselves to the teens and children of this generation. There are free resources for leaders to help in their ministry as well as resources for sale at discounted prices. Lunch is provided as part of your registration fee.

During the day, there are two separate training tracks in the same building: one for youth leaders and one for children’s leaders. Both groups are together at 9:00 am for orientation and worship, at noon for lunch and finally at 4:30 pm for wrap-up. The rest of the morning and afternoon is spent with your specific training group of youth or children’s workers. We will host a separate panel session for both Children and Youth where you can ask any question of our team about children’s ministry, youth ministry, leadership, romance, trading cryptocurrency etc.

The cost of the day is $45/person (early registration). If you register less than 24 hours before the seminar, the cost is $50. Any church or organization with 10 or more people registered together can save $5 off each registration. This can include people in both seminars.

Please check the ‘Seminars’ page for a day when we will be coming to your area.

If your area is not listed and you would like to host a seminar, please contact us: office@equipping.ca.

To register, please go to the seminar registration page.